Friday, October 31, 2008

40% Off Handbags and Jewelry - Banana Republic

Starts today, October 31st and ends at the close of Tomorrow, November 1st.
In-Store discount only.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Today, I Became an Official Member of The Fashion Spot

I am not terribly too sure what the results of this magical incident will yeild but already I have a vague sense of belonging and a slight measure of responsibility.

I'll probably write more about it as moments and time allow the disclosure of an enevitable entailing commentary.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Oct 28, 2008; A Power Outage

Last night there was a power outtage that concluded our night of scares.

Earlier, a large group of friends went to a spooky village to get scared. It was good and scary.

Afterward, we met up at a friends' house and had hot chocolate.

4 of us later decided the night was not finished yet so we decided to lurk a graveyard. It was massive and the night was pretty dark out.

I brought along my camera and took photos of the graveyard adventure.

Later, we told scary stories under a tall pine tree next to some graves. By that time we were thoroughly spooked. But brushed it off with some light humor.

Anna took us home and as we were chatting about stuff we noticed the lights go out on the west side of 1300 east which followed by a loud electrical-explosion-fizzling-static noise in the background. It seemd to come from around the 100 south and 700 east area. The others didn't see it but I saw a large discharge of white light. A split second later a large discharge of blue light occured with an accompanied sound, though not as loud. Parker saw the latter. Anna, left and we were spooked. About a minute later Jessica, Myself and Parker observed a 2nd police car headed toward the observed electrical disturbance area.

In my mind strong spiritual forces were up to shenanigans in the SLC. But the more rational part of my brain overtakes and keeps telling me it was more likely than not, a marsupial.

It was a good spoooky night.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New Vice at American Apparel Trolly Square

New vice at American Apparel Trolly Square, if they're not already taken.

This currently available issue is the Talking Issue and is nice because there are quite a few articles for reading. Not a whole lot of photos, but for this issue, that's a really good thing and quite a nice breath of fresh air (or at least a nice, subtle, change).