Thursday, November 13, 2008

Spider Drawing as Form of Payment

i absolutely adore this photo 
(disclaimer: this is not an original but a facsimile photo)

the story behind it absolutely killed me with laughter. i havn't been rocked to the core like that in AGES! Did you hear that?! i said, AGES!!!

with that in mind i direct you to the photo in context with the dialoge said-photo was extruded from:

the followup ebay listing:

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


From 2008 Adventures
A guy posted this near my house on a pole:

(Da Vinci Button, Bianchi Bag)

Friday night one a.m.,
the last train
I said goodbye but we both got
off at the station.
See ya! -names shouted
across the street.

What was that?

If you wonder too, meet me
here, where we left off:
Friday night, one a.m."

Friday, November 07, 2008

The Economist & Battle Angel Alita

Upon reading, "O death, when is thy sting?" ( from the Economist  and having also recently read a volume of Battle Angel Alita i've had a thought.

I was thinking that when I die I'd like for my organs to be donated. It'd be kinda cool to have my heart pumping and pumping and pumping even though my brain dies. To keep it somewhere running off of solar power. Living, but devoid of personality. Sorta like an organic equivalent of a photograph keepsake. It sounds like a neat novelty.

I was also thinking that would it be possible for my brain activity to keep going even though my body dies?
I mean, if they kept my brain alive and functioning then would it be worth living to have conciousness and no body? How long does a brain live? Does a brain die as the body dies? If  it does, then if we sever the body/brain correlation and have them living separate from each other would a brain be able to live indefinately? If so then could we preserve brains for future use in a more technologically advanced world where we could eventually have a body? In that respect Battle Angel Alita subsribes to the idea (as far as i can tell) that what makes a person is what a concious soul/mind does with its body (no matter the type) living life. It matters not the method of how we interact with the world but that we do and that we live and that it leaves an impression on a soul, whether for good or bad.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Nine Inch Nails; Ghosts I - IV

{click the header to go the nin page}

I found the NIN Ghosts I-IV album at Graywhale and decided to purchase it considering what i've heard through the Ghosts web page (they provided free downloadable tracks).

I am happy to inform that i absolutely love this 36-track instrumental album. There's always been the thought that went, "it'd be great if this NIN song didn't have any words and was truely just instrumental". Well, now, that wish has been fulfilled and though the direction for the album is new to me (i've been out of the NIN loop for awhile now) it lends itself toward innovative new material, brushing often with experimentation. Which is no big surprise after all, because this album started off as a fresh-from-the-mind-and-let's-see-what-we-get musical collaboration. While listening, I am truely pleased when i understand the roots of it's creation. 

Go to the webpage to learn more about it.

Friday, October 31, 2008

40% Off Handbags and Jewelry - Banana Republic

Starts today, October 31st and ends at the close of Tomorrow, November 1st.
In-Store discount only.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Today, I Became an Official Member of The Fashion Spot

I am not terribly too sure what the results of this magical incident will yeild but already I have a vague sense of belonging and a slight measure of responsibility.

I'll probably write more about it as moments and time allow the disclosure of an enevitable entailing commentary.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Oct 28, 2008; A Power Outage

Last night there was a power outtage that concluded our night of scares.

Earlier, a large group of friends went to a spooky village to get scared. It was good and scary.

Afterward, we met up at a friends' house and had hot chocolate.

4 of us later decided the night was not finished yet so we decided to lurk a graveyard. It was massive and the night was pretty dark out.

I brought along my camera and took photos of the graveyard adventure.

Later, we told scary stories under a tall pine tree next to some graves. By that time we were thoroughly spooked. But brushed it off with some light humor.

Anna took us home and as we were chatting about stuff we noticed the lights go out on the west side of 1300 east which followed by a loud electrical-explosion-fizzling-static noise in the background. It seemd to come from around the 100 south and 700 east area. The others didn't see it but I saw a large discharge of white light. A split second later a large discharge of blue light occured with an accompanied sound, though not as loud. Parker saw the latter. Anna, left and we were spooked. About a minute later Jessica, Myself and Parker observed a 2nd police car headed toward the observed electrical disturbance area.

In my mind strong spiritual forces were up to shenanigans in the SLC. But the more rational part of my brain overtakes and keeps telling me it was more likely than not, a marsupial.

It was a good spoooky night.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New Vice at American Apparel Trolly Square

New vice at American Apparel Trolly Square, if they're not already taken.

This currently available issue is the Talking Issue and is nice because there are quite a few articles for reading. Not a whole lot of photos, but for this issue, that's a really good thing and quite a nice breath of fresh air (or at least a nice, subtle, change).

Monday, September 29, 2008

New Vice - The Clown Issue

My other part-time job just happens to be across the hallway from American Apparel in Salt Lake City, Trolly Square.

They moved into the mall earlier this year and that's when I discovered VICE.

VICE is one of the best publications to fall into my life.

Anyway, it's free and i'm too cheap to get a subscription. So everytime I'm visiting VICE online and find that there's a new issue I beeline to American Apparel to see if they have it. I mostly get dissappointed though because they don't seem to have them for like 3 weeks after the new issue is available online.

I got my hands on a copy this weekend and it's the best (but I always say that soon after i get a copy).

Friday, September 19, 2008

Brotha Ali doesn't know how to make Rulz and X-Files

Yesterday I didn’t have to work the evening time shift. I wanted to do something fun and see a face that I don’t normally see during the week, so I went to my friend’s house to return her Fear & Loathing dvd. She’s great she has the greatest smile and makes me smile every time I see it ‘cuz it’s one of the contagious ones ya know.

She was starting a season of Prison Break and I could tell she was really excited about it. She told me that she and her flatmate were going to the University of Utah’s RedFest and I should meet them there. Matisyahu and Brother Ali were going to be there. But mostly, I got excited ‘cuz it was like…6 bucks.

I arrived with my camera and the door chick was like…,

you can’t take cameras in

Then I was like, “that’s ok, but the sign says no sound or video recording equipment,…it’s a camera (no video – no sound)”

sorry, you still can’t take it in

“ok, but what about cell phones? Those have cameras (AND THEY RECORD VIDEO AS WELL)”

I don’t make the rules, brother ali and friends request that they not be taken in

I thought, “those are bogus rules”. Contradictory at best. So I reasoned to myself that Brother Ali must be having a bad hair day or he must be looking terribly deformed today to not want people taking photographs. Or maybe he’s not very intelligent and has super-stupid logic for making up rules. At any rate, I’d find out soon enough.

I rode my bicycle back home and dropped off my camera.

When I got back I found that Brother Ali didn’t even have hair and he didn’t look too deformed. He just looked fat. And he was rhyming about all kinds of social issues and what’s ailing “tha common folk”. So obviously he’s not stupid…but, maybe…, perhaps he is. I guess we’ll never know for sure. All I know is that he’s terrible at making rules for stuff you can and can’t take into his gigs.

I found my friend and her flatmate at the gig and we started playing tricks on the people that were watching the show by listening in on their conversations and catching a name. Then we’d yell out their name and watch them as they tried to figure out who was calling for them. We’d do that ‘till they got confused and curious enough to leave our area to investigate.

I watched the X-Files film at the dollar theatre after RedFest. It’s worth every nickel. Maybe, buuuut probably not. The dialogue at a few moments was like…, “WHA?!”. I mean, contrived and trying too hard to force the story along. Sort of like when we were kids playing House {the guys were forced into playing the game from the beginning...mostly ALWAYS by blackmail, but, let's be honest here...sometimes by our own free will} and we were pushed through these conjured up stories to accommodate “family life” and familial social situations. And because most times because we didn't really know what we were supposed to do they'd make up our dialoge for us and was a mess. But X-Files, at times, was sorta like that.


I went back home and went to sleep after the film.

Oh yeah, and Matis-Yatis was cool too.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A photo from the Rez

This photo is just precious.

Today, at work, I switched my default browser to...

*drum roll, drum roll*...Google's Chrome!


I've been using it for the past week and have decided that it's going to work out. I think our relationship is blossoming into something that...well..., that's between myself and my browser (private stuff, Sorry!). If it plays nice and is stable enough for me I'm sure we'll do just fine.

- Other News - 

I found out earlier this week that I have new flatmates. I've meet them maybe once. But they seem like good people. Hopefully, they are.

Unlike one of my past flatmates *cough, COUGH, Stacey Multine, COUGH, cough* who decided it was in his best interest to move away and leave us with his rent & utilities to pay. Bastard.

If one of the new guys does that, i'm seriously gonna Eff his sh!t up. Ha ha, just kidding (kinda).

Thursday, September 11, 2008

New People to Crawl Into My Living Spaces

Ok, my lease is ending the end of September and I am looking for people to move in. This is not an ad though. This is just me lettin you know that that's what I'm doing [however, if you ARE interested you need to lemme know and i might give you a discount 'cuz you're my friend...but don't count on it. I can say crap like that 'cuz no one really reads this blog. I mean, i could say a bunch of other nonsense things and my blog would be perfectly pristine 'cuz there's no one to reflect anything...which automatically means pure, unadulterated, virgin text for your very eyes...but if you're reading this then congratulations on soiling my perfect text with your nasty eyeballs, end of bracketed-thought].

I've been taking lots of photographs with my super camera that i bought from some India-Indian guy in West Jordan. Check 'em out, they are ready for you here:

eat my shorts e

Friday, June 20, 2008

New Camera, Sony Alpha A100

The camera is a Sony Alpha DSLR-A100.

Plan on me getting artsy with it and taking photos of mostly EVERYTHING!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day; A Recollection of this Weekend

Today is Father's Day and it's ok.

Yesterday, I finished the Provo Riverwoods 10mi run at approx. 1hr 20min. It was fun.
I met Danielle there and at the top of the run we did a little trailrun warmup and experienced the morning meadow and green of this tranquil canyon.

I started the run at a moderate pace. I felt I could've gone WAY faster but decided to hold back and just flow with it. At mile 5 I decided it was time to pick up the pace and see what I could do. It was good that I went slower for the first 5 miles because toward the end of mile 10 my body was exhausted but not extremely spent.

Today, Father's Day, I had to work. I don't mind working sundays except when it totally throws off my groove of, today. I mostly attribute my lack of enthusiasm at work to the fact that my body is still on the mend. Later, toward the last of my work day I drank a Rockstar energy drink and I was fit as a fiddle.

I called my father. The call went straight to voicemail and I left a message. I did talk to my little brother Josh though. It was nice to talk to a family member. I don't do that as oft as I know I should.

I wonder if life's cards has "father" in it's hand for me.
Who knows.

Friday, June 13, 2008

First Time Bouldering; Big Cottonwood Canyon

Yesterday I went bouldering with Danielle. She's a climber and an enthusiastic moderately experienced boulderer. I told her that I was interested, we made plans and did the deed yesterday.

I went to the University of Utah ORP (Outdoor Recreation Program) and rented shoes and a crashpad. They always have great prices for rentals.

We arrived and went exploring for the boulders she climbed last time she went. We eventually found them. You could tell they were popular places because of the well matted soil around the giant rocks.

I tried my hands on three paths.

Boulder one had two paths:
1. Starting out under the boulder on it's south side, you make your way up to this ridge and traverse east across till you reach a point. From there you make your way up to the top.

I made it from underneath to the beginning of the ridge and couldn't go any further. Danielle made it look soooo easy.

2. You start on the east sloping face side of the boulder and make your way to the top, the same place where path No.1 ends.

I tried this one the most. I hopped up on this step and made at-most 3 unique leg movements from there. I reached the southern ridge with one hand which would be key to conquering this route but couldn't go further. I don't think I trusted my footholds enough.

3. A separate boulder to the north of the first one had a route on the east side that went up a ridge, across its northern face and up to the top.

By the time I made it to this boulder I was getting a little tired. By the end of it I was mostly spent. I tried to traverse the ridge of this boulder to make my way across it's north face but lacked the strength to hold on for very long. On this particular rock my feet kept slipping. I'm sure it had to do with the way I was positioning my body. I feel I need to learn efficiency during holding. Working out my arms and upper body couldn't hurt either :}

It was my first time bouldering and I feel good about it. Danielle said I did good and I want to try again soon. My arms were thoroughly exhausted by ending time. Also, my hands were raw as burger but that'll pass with time. As a sprouting beginner I feel confident that with time and supreme patience skills I'll be able to conquer these paths.

-Wish me LUCK! ;D

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Leaving for Moab Today

Going with friends to Moab. Guaranteed rafting and hiking will be the highlights. Also good company doesn't hurt.
It's times like these that I wish I had a camera to document my adventures.