Wednesday, December 13, 2006

dried banana slices or: spinal chord x-section

Today i changed my oil.
yes, i change my own oil.
no, i will NOT dump my oil down a sewer drain or into my local pond.
yes, i am a firm believer in recycling oil and everything else that you can recycle.
yes, i think this first paragraph is l a m e.

I'm planning on going back home to NM to visit for the holidays.
That's exiciting for me especially since I havn't been home for awhile
and my little brother will be married by the time i arrive. neat.

This past week has been the pits. Sorta.
I had a migrane all day this past Sunday. I finally relized that I had migrane medicine in
my car and moved myself downstairs from my room, into the freezing cold living room,
and out the door where it was snowing (hooray!). I looked at the snow and felt peaceful.
Then as i was walking down the front stairs i slipped, my lower back hit a stair edge and my
elbow hit another. I found myself laying in agony at the base of the stairs (there are only
like 5 or 6 of them) for like 4 minutes.
The pain overshadowing the cold and everthing else that mattered in the world at that time.
I remember hearing a cruching sound and hoped that i didn't damage anything. I started to
feel dizzy sorta like when you in/exhale too much helium and you feel really disassociated with
your body with thoughts like, "do i really exist?, what is time?, is this really happening?".
I almost blacked out.
Then came the ringing in my ears.
Long-story-short, i tried again and sucessfully got the medication to treat my now
migrane/nausea/backpain/elbowpain/feaver-like ailing condition.

It was during that time when i realized i wanted to say, "mom". I did. It felt good to say it.
I went to bed.

Still feelin sucky. That's why i'm writing about it.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Battle Angel Alita: Last Order

My first Manga.

Last night, at Tokyo's Anime here
in Salt Lake City, i purchased this little graphic novel.
So far it's really superb.
I cherish every cell for the details, motion, and little things like physics.

The fact that i paid about 10.50 for this little guy
also makes me want to really milk this book for what it's got.
Reaching out to even put myself in some of the characters' situations and positions, adding
another dimension to the immersive qualities this manga can create.
What FUN (no, really, i'm serious)!

Of course it IS manga and sometimes it's a little far-fetched
but all-in-all it's what i consider a super book
(not that it means too much because, after all, this IS my first manga).

Oh yea, and the sounds i think are a little different.
I mean the onomatopoeic kinds.
I catch myself trying to make my own because the ones they give me just don't feel right.
Does anyone else agree?
I think it's a cultural thing because the sounds from
the US graphic novels seem to mesh very well for me.

I'm only up to the 3rd phase (or chapter) of the book so wish me luck on my voyage!


Saturday, November 25, 2006

Turkey Weekend

I always have mixed feelings about Thanksgiving.
Mostly because not only is it a celebration day for the Native American oppression
but i can't help but feel thankful for all of the wonderful freedom that i have.

I suppose i should just be thankful. That's the bottom line.

It's so great to be happy on the holidays when your family is so far away.
I think that it's tops when you become self-sufficient enough to provide for
your own happiness and don't need outside stimuli to feel joy from people or substance.

Right now, sitting at a computer at the public library there are tons of interesting faces.
All types of people from all walks of life. Looking at each other, curious.

I have to work tonight at 7 and close at 11:30.
Just the right time to get grooving at the
Just Wanna Dance fun-time extravaganza.
It's the last one so it should be fun.

4-day weekends.


Thursday, November 16, 2006

Why is Voltron so cool?

That, my friend is the question.

Oh yea, almost forgot,
don't forget to ask a bearded realative
if he sleeps with his beard over or under the covers k.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

- * Fooly Cooly * -

All Episodes (1 thru 6)
in one easy-to-watch-back-to-back stream

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Super-duper-fun-for-everyone dj set, huh,...

Bethany's Smash and Grab DJ Set!

If you don't know already I'm a huge fan of ALL good music.
Especially if it makes you wanna dance.

Check her out, it's just fun disco from brooklyn, that's all.

Bethany's Smash & Grab [right-click and "save-as"]


01. Le Pamplemousse - Le Spank - Avi Records
02. Skyy - Skyy Zoo - Salsoul
03. Salsoul Orchestra - Ooh, I Love It (Greg Wilson Edit) - Tirk
04. El Coco - Dancing In Paradise - Avid Records
05. Ronnie Jones - Video Games - Lollipop
06. Dance and Chant - Tangoterje edit - Supreme Records
07. Touche - Just Like a Door Knob (Joey Negro Edit) - BBE
08. Mascara - Baja (Instrumental Dub) - Oh My! Records
09. Lourett Russell Grant - Hot To Trot - Quality
10. Deep Fuzz - Hangin On - Noid
11. Magick Edit Allstars - Dance in a Daze - Magick Edit
12. Jiscomusic present Rahaan - Muzik - Jisco

Friday, October 27, 2006

Wizard of Oz/Dark Side of the Moon Sync

Many of you have probably already
seen this but today i was able to find it
online and watch it for the first time.

Ah, the simple wonder of video search!

Have you seen this rapist?

Thursday, October 26, 2006

If you like Tommie Sunshine you might like...

A house set for you:

SWITCH - LIVE at MokkaCuka (right click and "save-as" to keep forever)

p.s. i'm secretly in love with this set

Mirage and a Pumpkin sitting in a tree...

Let's start this off by me saying that my most favorite font is Georgia.

I have this crush. ...on an animated character. *sigh*
(my humble opinion is that i think most people have crushes on animated characters,
they just don't say anything about it)
Ok, so you know that lady on the Incredibles? Yea, you know, Mirage. That's her.

Perhaps i should start my dating habits again by asking out
real-life girls before i move on to animated characters.


[annnd moving on to less-important things:]

Uh, what else?
Ok, so friends and I carved up pumpkins last night.
That was a hoot!
I carved a front and back on my pumpkin.
The front goes as: ^~^
The back goes as: WTF

Monday, October 23, 2006

There's more, belive me

This is what i want to do. So far:
  • Go back to school for the Electrical Engineering BS
  • Own a small recording studio
  • Create a music label
  • Own an alfalfa farm in New Mexico
  • Build a house on the rez in the contemporary-tradional pueblo style
  • Build a house somewhere else in the country to "get away"
  • Have the ability to travel wherever my heart desires

This is my first blog

soon i will post more.

~ k, bye.