Thursday, October 26, 2006

Mirage and a Pumpkin sitting in a tree...

Let's start this off by me saying that my most favorite font is Georgia.

I have this crush. ...on an animated character. *sigh*
(my humble opinion is that i think most people have crushes on animated characters,
they just don't say anything about it)
Ok, so you know that lady on the Incredibles? Yea, you know, Mirage. That's her.

Perhaps i should start my dating habits again by asking out
real-life girls before i move on to animated characters.


[annnd moving on to less-important things:]

Uh, what else?
Ok, so friends and I carved up pumpkins last night.
That was a hoot!
I carved a front and back on my pumpkin.
The front goes as: ^~^
The back goes as: WTF