Monday, November 03, 2008

Nine Inch Nails; Ghosts I - IV

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I found the NIN Ghosts I-IV album at Graywhale and decided to purchase it considering what i've heard through the Ghosts web page (they provided free downloadable tracks).

I am happy to inform that i absolutely love this 36-track instrumental album. There's always been the thought that went, "it'd be great if this NIN song didn't have any words and was truely just instrumental". Well, now, that wish has been fulfilled and though the direction for the album is new to me (i've been out of the NIN loop for awhile now) it lends itself toward innovative new material, brushing often with experimentation. Which is no big surprise after all, because this album started off as a fresh-from-the-mind-and-let's-see-what-we-get musical collaboration. While listening, I am truely pleased when i understand the roots of it's creation. 

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