Tuesday, January 20, 2009

White Lightning'; Struck by lack of awesomeness

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This party killed.

Just kidding. I got in line and then when I/we got to the door for the people to secure that we were on THE LIST the flustered woman in charge said, "...Uhhh, yeah,…the people in charge of the White Lightnin’ party apparently gave all their guests false information and the gig isn’t on.”.

The people that were in line for the Vice party were all kicked outta line & evaporated into the thin air of Park City’s cold-as-hell main street that evening.

The Downstairs venue was the host of like 4 parties that night and the parties were all scheduled back-to-back like Mexicans in a pinto trying to get somewhere VERY fast and furiously.

I was like, that’s too bad. I thought Vice was better than that. But I suppose I’ll never discover the true story of what happened that night.

After the disappointment I proceeded directly to my friends house to share a comfy warm bed and a spanking fantastic comforter.

Will post photograph(s) soon.