Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Battle Angel Alita: Last Order

My first Manga.

Last night, at Tokyo's Anime here
in Salt Lake City, i purchased this little graphic novel.
So far it's really superb.
I cherish every cell for the details, motion, and little things like physics.

The fact that i paid about 10.50 for this little guy
also makes me want to really milk this book for what it's got.
Reaching out to even put myself in some of the characters' situations and positions, adding
another dimension to the immersive qualities this manga can create.
What FUN (no, really, i'm serious)!

Of course it IS manga and sometimes it's a little far-fetched
but all-in-all it's what i consider a super book
(not that it means too much because, after all, this IS my first manga).

Oh yea, and the sounds i think are a little different.
I mean the onomatopoeic kinds.
I catch myself trying to make my own because the ones they give me just don't feel right.
Does anyone else agree?
I think it's a cultural thing because the sounds from
the US graphic novels seem to mesh very well for me.

I'm only up to the 3rd phase (or chapter) of the book so wish me luck on my voyage!