Wednesday, December 13, 2006

dried banana slices or: spinal chord x-section

Today i changed my oil.
yes, i change my own oil.
no, i will NOT dump my oil down a sewer drain or into my local pond.
yes, i am a firm believer in recycling oil and everything else that you can recycle.
yes, i think this first paragraph is l a m e.

I'm planning on going back home to NM to visit for the holidays.
That's exiciting for me especially since I havn't been home for awhile
and my little brother will be married by the time i arrive. neat.

This past week has been the pits. Sorta.
I had a migrane all day this past Sunday. I finally relized that I had migrane medicine in
my car and moved myself downstairs from my room, into the freezing cold living room,
and out the door where it was snowing (hooray!). I looked at the snow and felt peaceful.
Then as i was walking down the front stairs i slipped, my lower back hit a stair edge and my
elbow hit another. I found myself laying in agony at the base of the stairs (there are only
like 5 or 6 of them) for like 4 minutes.
The pain overshadowing the cold and everthing else that mattered in the world at that time.
I remember hearing a cruching sound and hoped that i didn't damage anything. I started to
feel dizzy sorta like when you in/exhale too much helium and you feel really disassociated with
your body with thoughts like, "do i really exist?, what is time?, is this really happening?".
I almost blacked out.
Then came the ringing in my ears.
Long-story-short, i tried again and sucessfully got the medication to treat my now
migrane/nausea/backpain/elbowpain/feaver-like ailing condition.

It was during that time when i realized i wanted to say, "mom". I did. It felt good to say it.
I went to bed.

Still feelin sucky. That's why i'm writing about it.