Thursday, September 11, 2008

New People to Crawl Into My Living Spaces

Ok, my lease is ending the end of September and I am looking for people to move in. This is not an ad though. This is just me lettin you know that that's what I'm doing [however, if you ARE interested you need to lemme know and i might give you a discount 'cuz you're my friend...but don't count on it. I can say crap like that 'cuz no one really reads this blog. I mean, i could say a bunch of other nonsense things and my blog would be perfectly pristine 'cuz there's no one to reflect anything...which automatically means pure, unadulterated, virgin text for your very eyes...but if you're reading this then congratulations on soiling my perfect text with your nasty eyeballs, end of bracketed-thought].

I've been taking lots of photographs with my super camera that i bought from some India-Indian guy in West Jordan. Check 'em out, they are ready for you here:

eat my shorts e