Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Today, at work, I switched my default browser to...

*drum roll, drum roll*...Google's Chrome!


I've been using it for the past week and have decided that it's going to work out. I think our relationship is blossoming into something that...well..., that's between myself and my browser (private stuff, Sorry!). If it plays nice and is stable enough for me I'm sure we'll do just fine.

- Other News - 

I found out earlier this week that I have new flatmates. I've meet them maybe once. But they seem like good people. Hopefully, they are.

Unlike one of my past flatmates *cough, COUGH, Stacey Multine, COUGH, cough* who decided it was in his best interest to move away and leave us with his rent & utilities to pay. Bastard.

If one of the new guys does that, i'm seriously gonna Eff his sh!t up. Ha ha, just kidding (kinda).