Monday, September 29, 2008

New Vice - The Clown Issue

My other part-time job just happens to be across the hallway from American Apparel in Salt Lake City, Trolly Square.

They moved into the mall earlier this year and that's when I discovered VICE.

VICE is one of the best publications to fall into my life.

Anyway, it's free and i'm too cheap to get a subscription. So everytime I'm visiting VICE online and find that there's a new issue I beeline to American Apparel to see if they have it. I mostly get dissappointed though because they don't seem to have them for like 3 weeks after the new issue is available online.

I got my hands on a copy this weekend and it's the best (but I always say that soon after i get a copy).

Friday, September 19, 2008

Brotha Ali doesn't know how to make Rulz and X-Files

Yesterday I didn’t have to work the evening time shift. I wanted to do something fun and see a face that I don’t normally see during the week, so I went to my friend’s house to return her Fear & Loathing dvd. She’s great she has the greatest smile and makes me smile every time I see it ‘cuz it’s one of the contagious ones ya know.

She was starting a season of Prison Break and I could tell she was really excited about it. She told me that she and her flatmate were going to the University of Utah’s RedFest and I should meet them there. Matisyahu and Brother Ali were going to be there. But mostly, I got excited ‘cuz it was like…6 bucks.

I arrived with my camera and the door chick was like…,

you can’t take cameras in

Then I was like, “that’s ok, but the sign says no sound or video recording equipment,…it’s a camera (no video – no sound)”

sorry, you still can’t take it in

“ok, but what about cell phones? Those have cameras (AND THEY RECORD VIDEO AS WELL)”

I don’t make the rules, brother ali and friends request that they not be taken in

I thought, “those are bogus rules”. Contradictory at best. So I reasoned to myself that Brother Ali must be having a bad hair day or he must be looking terribly deformed today to not want people taking photographs. Or maybe he’s not very intelligent and has super-stupid logic for making up rules. At any rate, I’d find out soon enough.

I rode my bicycle back home and dropped off my camera.

When I got back I found that Brother Ali didn’t even have hair and he didn’t look too deformed. He just looked fat. And he was rhyming about all kinds of social issues and what’s ailing “tha common folk”. So obviously he’s not stupid…but, maybe…, perhaps he is. I guess we’ll never know for sure. All I know is that he’s terrible at making rules for stuff you can and can’t take into his gigs.

I found my friend and her flatmate at the gig and we started playing tricks on the people that were watching the show by listening in on their conversations and catching a name. Then we’d yell out their name and watch them as they tried to figure out who was calling for them. We’d do that ‘till they got confused and curious enough to leave our area to investigate.

I watched the X-Files film at the dollar theatre after RedFest. It’s worth every nickel. Maybe, buuuut probably not. The dialogue at a few moments was like…, “WHA?!”. I mean, contrived and trying too hard to force the story along. Sort of like when we were kids playing House {the guys were forced into playing the game from the beginning...mostly ALWAYS by blackmail, but, let's be honest here...sometimes by our own free will} and we were pushed through these conjured up stories to accommodate “family life” and familial social situations. And because most times because we didn't really know what we were supposed to do they'd make up our dialoge for us and was a mess. But X-Files, at times, was sorta like that.


I went back home and went to sleep after the film.

Oh yeah, and Matis-Yatis was cool too.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A photo from the Rez

This photo is just precious.

Today, at work, I switched my default browser to...

*drum roll, drum roll*...Google's Chrome!


I've been using it for the past week and have decided that it's going to work out. I think our relationship is blossoming into something that...well..., that's between myself and my browser (private stuff, Sorry!). If it plays nice and is stable enough for me I'm sure we'll do just fine.

- Other News - 

I found out earlier this week that I have new flatmates. I've meet them maybe once. But they seem like good people. Hopefully, they are.

Unlike one of my past flatmates *cough, COUGH, Stacey Multine, COUGH, cough* who decided it was in his best interest to move away and leave us with his rent & utilities to pay. Bastard.

If one of the new guys does that, i'm seriously gonna Eff his sh!t up. Ha ha, just kidding (kinda).

Thursday, September 11, 2008

New People to Crawl Into My Living Spaces

Ok, my lease is ending the end of September and I am looking for people to move in. This is not an ad though. This is just me lettin you know that that's what I'm doing [however, if you ARE interested you need to lemme know and i might give you a discount 'cuz you're my friend...but don't count on it. I can say crap like that 'cuz no one really reads this blog. I mean, i could say a bunch of other nonsense things and my blog would be perfectly pristine 'cuz there's no one to reflect anything...which automatically means pure, unadulterated, virgin text for your very eyes...but if you're reading this then congratulations on soiling my perfect text with your nasty eyeballs, end of bracketed-thought].

I've been taking lots of photographs with my super camera that i bought from some India-Indian guy in West Jordan. Check 'em out, they are ready for you here:

eat my shorts e