Monday, August 16, 2010

Pre-semester email concerning a math book or My professor is a joker

"Dear all,

Welcome to Math 1060 - your worst nightmare (just joking... maybe).  I'm your professor and I thought that I would give you a "heads up" concerning the textbook (since there is some confusion about it).

The text is Larson/Hostetler 7th edition "Precalculus".  It's ISBN number is:

ISBN-13: 978-0618643448

PLEASE be careful to buy the 7th edition.  There is an 8th edition, but we're NOT using that (for reasons that you'll see below).  The book is available at the bookstore (if you like to throw your money down the drain). 

ALL of the 1060 sections use the same book (this semester there are only a couple of sections: one taught by Knaeble and one taught by me - that's why the bookstore lists it all under "Knaeble").

The good news is that this book is also used in the Math 1050 course, which is also a prereq for calculus.  Hence at least you can use it twice.  The BAD news is that the price of the book is (new) about $200... and used isn't much better ($150).

Fortunately, there are many used copies available on the internet starting at around $40 and up... but hurry to buy because you will be in serious trouble if you wait.

Now, since I dislike the overpriced bookstore, and I absolutely HATE Brooks Cole publishing (they are the scum of the earth), I can mention that I cannot stop you from downloading the book from somewhere off the internet illegally ... however I obviously cannot give hints on how to do that.  Either way DO NOT WAIT to obtain the book.

We are sticking to the 7th edition because there are many used copies floating around, and because it is also used in 1050.

See you in a couple of weeks,"