Thursday, August 05, 2010

Water molecules, a survival story

While hiking in and around the mountains of Utah, sometimes, I encounter streams.
Meeting these little rivers always makes me think of the survival of the water molecule. As water always seeks the lowest point and flows the path of least resistance, our chance of crossing paths has a story behind it. I, traveled from my house by means of a vehicle to hike the mountains and enjoy the beauty of nature. The water molecules, on the other hand, got into the mountains by rain or some other type of precipitation. What luck that we were able to enjoy a chance meeting together!
I imagine what obstacles the water molecule had to go through to get to the moment of us meeting. I wonder what story it could tell me about its life. I imagine what it'd be like to watch the documentary of this water molecule's life.
I suppose we are sort of like that water molecule, fitting into the creation story of the universe.